Russell Jones - Graphic Designer

Newton's has always worked with graphic designers, often engaging two or three at a time to handle various classes of work which suited their capabilities.

Because of the demand for illustrating skills for the meticulous work of animation for TV documentaries and advertisements, Russell became an integral member of the team, managing most of Newton's video, web and print requirements.

Russell began his illustrating career with airbrushed murals on cars, shops and restaurants.

He then progressed through a number of organisations and on the way, honed his skills in graphics, screen printing, camerawork, film separations, complex computer imaging and signage.

In 1996, Russell set up his own home office graphic design studio offering a wide gamut of graphic design. He sub-contracts to other media and publicity corporations offering corporate image, logo design, brochures, television commercials, and photographic image manipulation.

Above all, Newton's appreciates Russell's illustrative skills and lightning ability with Illustrator software.

He may hurl mock abuse, but once you get to know him, he emerges as unflappable, terrific under pressure, accurate, knowledgeable and his work exhibits an off-beat, left field flair which is, we think, quite unique today.

Russell Jones agrees with our dictum that if you are going to attract attention, your design work (and the accompanying words) need to act like poison gas and unhinge the client's nervous system.

If you would like to talk to Russell about a multi-million dollar contract (you will get a lot of his hours for that), email him now at [email protected]


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