Nick Fritzkowski

Nick refers to himself as a Website Architect and Designer with a wide range of experience in many facets of the computing industry ranging from hardware to software to development and implementation.

At Newton's we prefer to call him the Boy Genius because his tender (late teen) years belies what really is a genius in an area that very few of us will ever understand.

We may be experts in content, but when it comes to the technical intricacies of running a website, working with code, dealing with Internet Hosts and people like Telstra, Nick is our man.

He's also very adept at site design and all of our top corporate sites are testimony to his flair.

Nick is familiar with many programming languages, including PHP, ASP, SQL and Visual Basic and graphics programs including Flash, Photoshop CS, Paint Shop Pro 7, and 3d Studio Max. And that's not to mention his growing expertise on programs such as Microsoft Word, Access, Powerpoint, Macromedia Director, Authorwave, Dreamweaver and Adobe Acrobat.

He's experienced in Windows 95/98/Windows 2000(NT5), Windows XP, Linux (Debian, Fedora, SUSE, etc), BeOS, MacOS 9, MacOS X.

Nick became web-smart with his first site on the internet at around 14 years of age.

He's an expert on game fan sites and he's currently working on a fan site for Disney based on the game "ToonTownCentral". This site gets over 20 million hits a month and has been rated by many magazines world wide as the most informative and up to date site for this game.

Nick spent his school years at Aquinas Catholic College in Ashmore on the Gold Coast and excelled in many subjects, but mainly in Arts and IT. He received many awards and a great deal of personal gratification.

Check out some of his sample web works:

Under the Newton's banner, Nick works with Ken Newton on the content, design, maintenance and marketing of the following sites:

and of course, this site.

If you wish to talk to Nick about an assignment, email him on [email protected]


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