Newton's Pty Ltd may sound like a corporation, but in reality, it is one man plus a trusted, proven team of real professionals.

Ken Newton, managing director and founder of Newton's in 1975, has changed tactics over the years, scaling down a 15-person PR consultancy, to become a specialised adviser and creative conduit to a range of literary and production services.

Many of the team have worked together for years. In the case of Paul Noonan (All in One Media), it has been a close relationship which has extended through the cities and jungles of Malaysia, Indonesia and India during a hectic seven year period.

Often, Ken Newton would fly to Malaysia, research and write a complex documentary script and then, relay style, pass it to an incoming Paul Noonan in a hotel lobby or airport lounge, while he flew on to the next assignment. They were heady days, full of excitement and challenge. Every documentary was a winner.

Paul Ricketts, noted Sydney based "voice" has read, almost exclusively, Ken Newton's documentary scripts over a space of more than 20 years. When Ken writes a script, he hears Paul in his head. As a result, there's a creative synergy, about a thousand kilometres apart.

Newton's has always surrounded itself with professionals in the creative arts. From the client's viewpoint, they are dealing with a disciplined and seamless team. There are no conflicts, no egos, just a resolve to do the best possible job for the client... and make each job the best one they've ever done.

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Ken Newton

Scriptwriter, Public Relations Professional, Strategist, Publicist

Paul Noonan

Digital editor, script writer, director, interviewer, publicist and Public Relations professional


No pic. Paul has always said he should be heard but not seen. We respect that.

Paul Ricketts


Mark Mitchell

Business strategist, automotive air conditioning technical expert and Ken Newton's senior partner in the Epoch Strings violin business

Nick Fritzkowski

The "Boy" Genius, computer expert, internet guru and IT problem solver

Russell Jones

Graphic designer and illustrator for print, web and television




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