Creative Print Assignments
Written, conceived and produced by Newton's over many years
(These are some from the past - keep returning to see some recent material)


Simple - to the point. For a Market Research Company

An otherwise boring Local Government tribute to a statesman was turned into a fun event by our design strategy, which also involved a Video tribute to the tune "My Bill"

You don't need a lavish production to get a clear and simple message across. For a Market Research Company

Three different invitations to major client events. The top one is elegant, for a firm of planners and engineers, held in the City Art Gallery. The others were fun events, illustrated by the talented comic artist Noel Hill of Brisbane.

This was probably Australia's first brochure extoling the virtues of living in High Rise. It was a response to a spirited lobby group who wanted to stop high rise development along the Surfers Paradise Foreshore.

We talked a leading accountancy firm into making a mockery of the oft-quoted "White Shoe Brigade" - a euphemism for corrupt developers in the heady Joh Bjelke-Petersen years in Queensland.

A futuristic front page of a brochure for its time. This was for a national organisation representing environmental sustainable solutions to waste problems. Our designer Alan Green of Brisbane employed freehand styling to capture the vitality of the new companies engaged in these practices.

This might be a bit hard to read, even in its enlarged format, but is shows how the style was continued inside. For something as sinister as the waste disposal industry, this represented a clean, progressive, scientific look.

Something a little more confronting was used to turn government heads in the first instance to the imperatives of investing in waste management solutions.

One of the great scientific discoveries of the 80's was this method of turning municipal waste into a saleable by-product. The big Australia, BHP waited in the wings while the small investors spent all their money, then offered to pick it up and run with it, as long as it didn't pay out the debts. The company's principal told them to get stuffed and he took his loss and the technology boating to the Barrier Reef.

An elegant booklet for the launch of a timber cruiser named after the great jazz number "Satin Doll". It also contained a history of one of Australia's oldest traditional boatyards, the Norman Wright yard of Brisbane. It still operates to this day.

A little bit of fun for a new Roaring 20's Restaurant during the 80's, when great things happened under free-wheeling Queensland Government. This shows the great restaurateur Keith Whittaker, alas gone to his kitchen in the sky, in the centre of a bevy of vamps. The newsletter was rough and ready, with loads of incredibly funny stuff, plus the menu.

Perhaps one of the funniest Christmas cards we ever designed and wrote for a client - this one a Ball Bearing Company in Brisbane. The artist was the great Zelman Lew, with whom Newton's worked closely for many years.

Who said law firm advertising had to be formal and stoggie. These three were a series of about 10 ads in which we used old cartoons from 100 year old English magazines to highlight legal minefields.

We always tried to bring humour and perhaps a little irreverance into our print work. Everything we did broke the cycle of the boring off the shelf pap produced by ad agencies and printers. Once again this page uses the clever drawings of the master of comic invention, Noel Hill of Brisbane. Noel and Ken Newton worked together in ABC days, in news illustration.

A colourful program and sourvenir of the World Premier of the Queensland movie Buddies, written and produced by John Dingwall, who did his cadetship on the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin with Ken Newton. John had already written the highly acclaimed Sunday Too Far Away.

A different approach to the selling of steel. This was a catalogue folder for Neumann Steel, who produced Australia's first cold rolled ribwire mesh for the building industry.

Mission statements are fine, but unless you explain what they really mean, they are a waste of paper or wall space. This was a very different approach to the explanation of a mission statement.

We've done a lot of great work for Neumann Equipment over the years. We proved that otherwise ungainly industrial equipment could be shown with style and appeal as this front cover illustrates. This dredge was on its way to Saudi Arabia.

Amid a field of incredibly mediocre lawyer advertising in the early part of this century, Newton's produced this great series for the criminal lawyer Bill Potts. The rationale was that he had such a high profile that we would turn him into a mysterious man of the night, because that's when most people got into trouble.


This was my personal pick from the series. The client thought it was so powerful, it was run many times more than the others in the series.


Other advertising followed the boring routine of some smarmy lawyer with a phone glued to his ear peering out of the ad at you with an equally boring caption to go with it.


All the violin posters were created for Epoch Violins - Australia's only production line new-age stringed instruments which has changed the technology of the violin for the first time in 400 years. As it happens, Ken Newton shares in this enterprise with good friends and associates Mark and Veronika Mitchell of the SuperCool Group of Companies.

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