Showing the Newton's team at work in the field

Cameraman David Endres using a boom arm to introduce helicopter style movement into an otherwise static model of a Malaysian development. At right, the team prepares for another shooting day. This time David and Ken Newton are accompanied by Bron Robinson.

David and Ken at a desolate construction site for a new port, west of Johor Bahru in Malaysia. At right, David clears the condensation from his camera lens with the exaust from the car. Condensation is a major problem in Asia because of the tropical heat and humidity.

Field shooting on major development projects is done to a precise positioning guide, so that images of existing features, rivers or landforms can become the 'before' shot in a 'morph' to the finished project, produced in three dimensional animation by the Burchill Partners team. At right, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia cameraman Ismail Saleh films a new racing car developed by the University students.

Ken Newton (in the hat) directs a local camera crew on historic building sites in Johor Bahru. At right, Bron Robinson keeps the shotlist while David Endres shoots the night markets in Kuala Lumpur.

A local cameraman uses the roof of his van as a platform while he shoots the stately Johor Sultan's Palace. The skyline in the background is Singapore, across the Straits of Johor.

At right, cameraman David Endres shoots in Indonesia, while a holy man, a Pawang, supervises the weather. The Pawang was engaged by the Indonesia client company to ensure the sun stayed out during a three day shooting schedule. He accompanied the camera crew to every location. He had asked, through an interpreter, when the crew wanted to finish filming. "Three o'clock on Friday afternoon," he was told. Through the interpreter, "I must attend a family gathering on Friday, but I will give you 'a cover note' until 3pm."
As David finished the shot and starting packing up the camera at precisely 3pm, the heavens opened and the type of tropical downpour that only Indonesia produces, blacked out the sky.

This is a thumbnail of one of the those perfect human studies that one sometimes captures during travels. It was a young couple in a simple little shop house on the side of the road outside Jakarta. Click on the thumbnail to see a big image.



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