"Your columns are always fun to read and always make good points. I think our guys benefit from seeing "how the other half lives."
Jim Taylor
Editor, ACTION Magazine
Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide
USA (on Ken Newton winning bronze for one of his regular columns in ACtion Magazine, awarded by the International Automotive Media Awards group) - December 2006

In 2003, Newton's celebrated 20 years (except one), of managing and hosting Australia's first regional architectural awards. It was the Gold Coast's style of awards which was subsequently copied and adopted by Queensland and other RAIA branches around Australia.

"On behalf of the Gold Coast and Tweed Region of the RAIA, I would like to sincerely thank you for hosting our 20th Anniversary celebrations. It has been a wonderful milestone for our region to achieve. We have appreciated your professional service to our program and thank you for the time you spent in preparing for the evening."
Brett Saville - Chair
18 June 2003

"You set a high bench mark for the other regions to reach.... The best awards night I have ever attended. Thanks mate"
Brett Hulyer, representing Durostyle, Major Awards Sponsor

"I just love what you have done on the web….you make me laugh!"
Madonna Youles-Fitzgerald
Underwriting Manager
GRESHAM Underwriting Pty Ltd (GRESHAM Maritime)

Newton's was engaged by the Returning Officers for the education campaign aimed at limiting vote wastage for the election of the Gold Coast's first super council. The campaign was highly successful.

"I wish to express our sincere thanks for the very efficient and courteous manner in which you undertook the campaign at such short notice...the desired effect was achieved by your efforts..."
Returning Officer — City of Gold Coast
for the first election of the new amalgamated Super council

"...Newton’s held a very positive attitude towards the project which reflected a very personal concern for the future of our city..."
Cummings and Burns Architects Pty Ltd
on the Surfers Streetscape Strategy

"...became recognised internationally as one of the outstanding environmental technology projects in Australia. Much of this interest in and indeed support for the technology can be accredited to the quality work that Newton’s undertook as consultants..."

"They completed commissioned work on time (occasionally to very exacting deadlines) and always to the very high standards expected by the company..."
John R Cole PhD — EMIAA
former Public Affairs Director of Neutralysis Industries, an award winning waste technology

"...several of the country’s leading businesses gave us 10/10 for our corporate and public relations strategies. Newton’s rightly share the credit for that achievement."
Neutralysis Industries Pty Ltd

"Rarely if ever, does one have the opportunity to work in the public relations area with a company and personnel of the high standing of your organisation..."
Edwards Madigan Torzillo Briggs Pty Ltd
on Newton’s role in the annual Architectural Awards

"We are most satisfied with the continuous development of our Corporate image and the highly professional attitude of Newton’s staff."
Neumann Equipment Pty Ltd
high technology dredges, marketed and used throughout the world

"...a remarkable night with a great build up and good press..."
The Royal Australian Institute of Architects
on the Architectural awards

"My sincere thanks for your outstanding service and contribution in preparing and finalising the promotional material, particularly given the little time you had to work with."

"It has been a pleasure to work with a company that is both enthusiastic and professional. Unfortunately, a dying breed these days."
Solo Waste
on Waste Management documentaries and supplements

"Thanks for being our spokesman at the recent Agent's function - you did a wonderful job. It was great to have a confident, experienced speaker."
Lewis Land Corporation
on the Sovereign Islands

"...Pontian script is excellent."
Professor Dr Azman Awang Executive Director Institute Sultan Iskandar
on a major documentary forecasting social and industrial change in a
backwater district of west Malaysia

"Script is superb. Please value add to the images. I trust your selection skills!"
Professor Dr Azman Awang Executive Director Institute Sultan Iskandar
on a documentary tracing Johor’s investment potential

"The satisfaction expressed to you by Professor Azman in regard to the Steering Committee presentation has been confirmed to us by a number of parties. Our strategising team effort and your on-location scripting and packaging for the multimedia presentation contributed significantly to the success achieved in having all of the planning team's recommendations for massive redevelopment of the CBD accepted by the Steering committee. The integration of Newton's communications role within our team's consultancy package has greatly enhanced our ability to manage the expression of our urban and infrastructure planning inputs within those deliverables which can most effectively influence decision making processes. The powerful impact of fully integrated and well managed public communications services has been greatly appreciated by our client."
Mark Windsor, Director — Burchill Partners Pty Limited,
as planning team member and consultant to the Institute Sultan Iskandar
on behalf of the Government of Johor, Malaysia.

"....thank you very much for your efforts culminating in our 21st celebration. I have had a number of highly complimentary comments made about the organisation of the night and the venue. The compliments largely reflect your effort. "
Tony Parker, Chairman of Directors — Burchill Partners Pty Limited

"You provided those in attendance with an excellent view of the technical and creative aspect of the multi-media challenge in a manner that was clear and understandable to an interested but inexperienced audience. Many compliments were noted and the Australian Institute of Management is the better for being able to be associated with the knowledge and expertise you brought to us."
Dr D M Vogelaar Committee member — Gold Coast Branch
Australian Institute of Management

"Thanks Mister PR Extraordinaire. We were very happy with your coordination of our special day of Accreditation. I was most impressed, as always"
Mark Neumann Managing Director — Neumann Steel

"Our entry won a certificate of merit at last night's awards presentation in Brisbane. We're very happy with the result.....thanks for your contributions with the entry (the video)."
Leo Jensen
Coordinating Town Planning Officer —Gold Coast City Council.

"The ability to support our submission with the video certainly enhanced our presentation and it was apparent to all that the Neumann/Newton video was the superior presentation of the night."
Ian W Carstens General Manager — Neumann Contractors
on winning the national Case Earth Awards for environmental land

"Professional video documentaries were made by the personal, spontaneous dedication of Ken Newton, Managing Director of Newton's Corporate Communications."
SEACEUM -4 Monograph
Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore Growth Triangle
International Johor Bahru: A City in Urban Redevelopment for a
World Role

"Your input and dedication has made this past conference (VASA Surf the Seas of Change 2001), one of the most successful yet…we could not have done it without you."
Tony Heat
Director Vehicle Air Conditioning Specialists of Australasia
Committee Chair Convention 2001, Sydney

...and the best of all - around the time Ken left the employ of the Gold Coast City Council


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