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June 2011 - Landsdale Pennsylvania:

I'm pleased to inform that you've done it again! Another gong will grace your wall as
your column "Old ways will only send you broke" has garnered a Silver medal in the
yearly International Automotive Media Awards. Well done!

This of course is noted as a step up from the string of Bronzes you were accruing. I keep submitting your columns and the judges keep holding you back from the gold...maybe they don't understand your accent?

Jim Taylor Editor ACtion Magazine

ACtion magazine is published by the biggest auto air conditioning society in the world. I won the first bronze medal several years ago, and my latest was for an article published in 2009. My articles are judged against many leading auto writers in American mainstream media.

My work with the Gold Coast Architectural Awards going back some 27 years was recognised at the 2010 Awards presentation with the issue of this Certificate of Appreciation, signed by the president of the Queensland Chapter, Associate Professor Peter Skinner. Sharing in the honour was former Gold Coast Bulletin journalist Brian Mossop, who I helped bring into the Awards Jury panel many years ago and who has assisted greatly with publicity as well as his skills as a lay juror.

This was surprise enough, but then Brian and I found ourselves on the prize platform as presenters of the People's Choice award, which they intend to rename the Ken Newton and Brian Mossop People's Choice Award in perpetuity.

This is a great honour and it was greatly appreciated by Brian and myself.

And full marks to Glen Jones, Principal Architect and Urban Designer for the Gold Coast City Council, who ran this year's awards and whose sense of history and justice made two guys quite proud.


Many of us are so disillusioned with restaurants which charge the earth for mediocre food that we've decided to launch a register of chefs. After all, it's the chefs which attract us to restaurants. These are the people who deserve the bouquets and the brickbats. As a service to discerning diners, we present our REGISTER OF CHEFS.

At long last, I've got around to the story of the time I was closer to death than I like to think about. It was Malaysia in 1998, in a less than pristine hospital in Johor Bahru, in extended surgery to remove a dangerously gangrenous appendix. Click here for the page link.



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